Missions & Outreach

Shiloh Community Church exists to create disciples who love God, love His church, and show His love to the world. Since Shiloh's conception over 25 years ago, we have always been a missions-minded church in our support of God's work around the globe. In 2001, God impressed on our hearts a desire to go beyond where we had been concerning our church's involvement in making disciples of all nations. Currently we have 12 missionaries working in various posts around the globe including missionaries in: Africa, Asia, Europe, and Central America. We place a special emphasis on Holistic Ministry and Community Health Evangelism (CHE). We believe that as God cares about the whole person, we should as well. Therefore we seek to care for the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of a person. 

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Costa Rica

Every summer we send a trip over to Costa Rica to help support our missionaries Ted & Gracie. You can check out our missions wall to learn more about our missionaries and our trip. Contact Pastor Joshua West if you are interested in more details.  


Every summer we send a missions team over to Latvia. We team up with Josiah Venture and our two missionaries Joe & Anna Brooks. We will have more info on our next trip this fall, please contact Pastor Kevin Redding if you are interested in the trip or in donating. (GIVE HERE)

Little India, Chicago, USA

Sometimes God asks us to go to the ends of the earth to reach people with the good news of Christ, and other times he brings those people right to our doorstep. War, natural disasters, and persecution bring these families to the USA and the opportunity to serve and love them in their hour of need is one incredible opportunity that you will most certainly be blessed and challenged by. If you would like to serve the growing community of refugees in this diverse and underserved neighborhood of "Little India" Chicago, please contact Pastor Joshua West.

AIM trips to Mexico

We are sending teams to Mexico each month to support Jay & Rose Silva with AIM (Association for International Ministries). AIM addresses the physical and social needs of the community through non-perishable food distribution, education, and preventative health programs. Spiritual needs are met through evangelistic programs in conjunction with local church organizations.  

Please contact Pastor Joshua West to get involved with these

trips by going, or through donations.

Meet our Missionaries

  • Ted & Gracie Quiocho

    Organization: One Another Missions

    Location: Rio Frio, Costa Rica

    Ministry: Fulfilling the Great Commission and Great Commandment, to equip, enhance, and develop communities utilizing a wholistic approach. This includes building strong long-term relationships with people showing them the love of God through personal testimonies and walking with them in their daily lives. They share Jesus  through Bible studies, mentoring, church gatherings, and more. Ted & Gracie have worked with short term teams from Shiloh since 2013 to further their ministry and create a bridge with the schools in their area to the church. 

    Contact: tquiocho@yahoo.comgcquiocho@yahoo.com

  • Ella Lentz

    Organization: Campus Outreach

    Location: San Diego, CA

    Campus Outreach is a ministry dedicated to glorifying God by building Christ-centered leaders on the college campus for the renewal of San Diego and the west coast. Ella will be joining a team whose vision is to go out and share the gospel with college students in hopes of seeing the college campus transformed. This is accomplished by partnering with the local church to provide ways for students to get involved as well as through Bible studies and intentional discipleship.

    Website: https://www.cosandiego.org/lentz

    ContactElla Lentz

  • Joshua & Alyssa Grunden

    Organization: Devon Oasis Ministry

    Location: Little India of Chicago, Illinois

    Joshua and Alyssa have been living in the Little India neighborhood of Chicago since their time at Moody Bible Institute. They are serving the immigrant and refugee population through meeting felt needs, providing friendship, and sharing the Gospel. Some of the programs at the center include English and sewing classes, homework help, and community outreach. Joshua and Alyssa have a unique opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission by reaching the nations that are fleeing to America. Their hope and prayer is to provide greater opportunity for Christians to serve the nations in America and to bring Christ to all people. 

    Website: https://www.devonoasis.org/

    Contact: Joshua Grunden, Alyssa Grunden

  • Wayne & Diane Baker

    OrganizationEthnos 360 (formerly New Tribes Mission)

    LocationPapua New Guinea

    Ministry: Wayne & Diane have been working in Papua New Guinea for over 35 years. For their first 15 they were working with the Loko tribe in order to develop a written language, teach literacy, transcribe a written Bible, share the gospel, and plant a church. Since that time the Loko have planted 2 other churches in neighboring tribes and are looking to do more. Wayne & Diane are now working with the Kaul tribe and have recently finished teaching through Acts in their chronological Bible narration teaching. 


  • Joe & Anna Brooks

    Organization: Josiah Venture

    LocationRiga, Latvia

    MinistryJoe grew up at Shiloh and through his involvement in short term missions fell in love with Latvia. He has been living there and serving full time for 13 years. His role with JV is to establish a healthy disciple-making ministry that can serve as a model for other communities, with the hope that it can be reproduced elsewhere. Joe & Anna are also heavily involved in teaching and leading the house church they started with two national leaders. Through these avenues Joe hopes to see disciples made and reproduced in Riga like they were in the early church.

    Josiah Venture also builds a large part of their ministry around summer camps. Shiloh has helped out with summer camps for over 10 years. 

    Personal: Joe married Anna, a Latvian national, in 2011. They have 2 children, Markus and Rafael.

  • Juaro (Jay) & Rose Silva

    Organization: AIM (Association for International Ministries)

    LocationPhoenix, Rocky Point, & Brazil

    Ministry: The Association for International Ministries’s vision is to see the people we serve Christ-centered, self-sufficient, and able to reach out and serve others in their own community. AIM is a Christ-centered organization committed to reaching out to impoverished communities around the world. AIM addresses the physical and social needs of the community through non-perishable food distribution, education, and preventive health programs. Spiritual needs are met through evangelistic programs in conjunction with local church organizations.

    Jay and Rose have been taking monthly trips to Rocky Point for many years. In addition to their work in Mexico they have taken many teams to Brazil and other countries around the world. If you are interested in joining a trip, contact J Silva.


  • Scott Allen

    Organization: Disciple Nations Alliance

    LocationPhoenix working globally

    Ministry: Scott is the president of Disciple Nations Alliance. Their stated purpose is: "We exist to serve the Church, helping her rise to her full potential as God's principal agent in restoring, healing, and blessing broken nations." They do this through: teaching and developing content, training and discipling others, building a global alliance, supporting grassroots practitioners, and through their online discipleship school Coram Deo. Scott is a member at Shiloh and serves with his family on Sunday mornings in various capacities. 


  • Terry Dalrymple

    Organization: Global CHE Network

    LocationPhoenix working globally

    MinistryTerry was a missionary to the Philippines for years before coming back stateside and beginning work with LifeWind and Medical Ambassadors. He is currently serving with the Global CHE Network and helping to move their major initiatives forward. CHE (Community Health Evangelism) is designed to flood the nations with the good news of the kingdom through development work in impoverished communities around the world. CHE has programs in 91 countries and continues to grow daily. Each year CHE hosts the International Wholisitic Missions Conference in Phoenix, where over 600 people from around the world gather to learn about CHE principles and how they can be applied. Terry has helped to bring wholisitic missions to the forefront of current missions efforts at many churches, including Shiloh. 

    Terry and his wife Jeannie live in Anthem but travel extensively throughout the year to all different places on the globe. 


  • Steve Brooks

    Organization: Crown Financial

    Location: Phoenix overseeing 6 states

    Ministry: Steve helped establish Crown Financial Ministries in Arizona and has overseen the western region (11 states) for a number of years. Steve is a MoneyLife advisor and master trainer in the crown materials and has helped hundreds of families take control of their finances. His ministry is to equip servant leaders to live by God's design in their finances, work, and life to advance transformation. 

    Contact: sbrooks@crown.org

  • Paul & Laura Harrigan

    Organization: France for Christ

    Location: Paris, France

    Ministry: House churches, Radio Gospel, and Evangelistic Events

    Laura has been a part of Shiloh for over 20 years and worked formerly with Reach Global in Mexico, Congo, and France. She married Paul, who had started his own ministry in the Paris area after 30 years in the automotive industry in France. Together they are working on training house church leaders, planning evangelistic events in France, and were the critical factors in getting K-Love France started. They are also working on online training for house church leaders and translating a book of success stories of house churches being planted in France.

    Contactpharrigan@franceforchrist.org, laura.harrigan@radiogospel.fr 

  • Merle & ClaudiA Wiens

    Organization: Reach Global

    LocationPhoenix working in Africa

    Merle and Claudia have been working in Africa for 25 years. Merle has a diverse role that includes partnership development, leadership development, equipping of national leaders, and security reporting for all RG missionaries in Africa. Claudia works with the south Asian muslim community through school programs and leadership development.

    Personal: Merle and Claudia have two children, Pamela and Mark. Pamela is married to Derek and they have 3 children, twin boys and another boy just born in 2014. Mark and his wife Ying were married in 2014 and live in Thailand where they work.


    ContactMerle.Wiens@efca.org, claudia.wiens@efca.org