At Shiloh Community Church we are committed to building an environment of generosity. This is accomplished when every follower of Jesus Christ experiences the joy of giving and the benefits of recognizing that all we have has been entrusted to us as a gift from God.


Thank you for giving to God's work through Shiloh Community Church! 

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  • General giving

    Giving Update for 5/29/2023

    Budget Giving:  $30,325.22

    Actual Giving:    $10,373.41 

    Difference:  - 19,951.81

    Giving Update for 5/22/2023

    Budget Giving:  $30,325.22

    Actual Giving:    $34,253.67 

    Difference:  + 3,928.45

    Giving Update for 5/15/2023

    Budget Giving:  $30,325.22

    Actual Giving:    $51,158.31 

    Difference:  + 20,833.09

  • Online Giving information

    If you are a regular contributor to Shiloh, or would like to set up a recurring payment, please click the "GIVE" button at the top of the page to register. Additionally, you can give a one-time gift without having to register/login by utilizing the Give Now feature. This feature is great for everyone, especially those who are giving as our guest and for donating to a specific mission event. 

    You can also set up quick pay through your bank with Zelle. This will directly deposit money into Shiloh's account without any fees to either side. Use the email when setting up. If you have any questions or next help with this contact the office. 

    Your information is held securely by the Breeze Church management system. This information will remain private and will never be given or sold to third parties, other than to process your scheduled contributions. You may schedule new contributions at any time and can modify or cancel those contributions at any time prior to the date they are scheduled. Once the contribution has been processed, however, it cannot be cancelled. If you have any questions or challenges related to online giving, please contact Mindy Dimas at

    A note regarding giving to short term missions trips:

    “All short term missions donations will be applied to the account for that specific mission trip. Although you may make a donation on behalf of an individual or in their name, we will not maintain separate accounts or totals for any one individual person. Funds for the mission trip are combined into one account and used for the entire team. If a member of the mission team does not actually travel for the mission trip, the funds donated in their name will not be refunded but will be used to support the entire team that is making the trip. You may indicate a name of a person going on the trip in the second drop down on the donation form if you would like. Thank you for your support of missions at Shiloh.

  • Worship Service Offering

    An opportunity is given during each of our worship services for you to give to Shiloh. You may give by placing your offering in the boxes by the doors in the back of the Worship Center. Offering envelopes are available by the offering boxes.