essential growth classes

Are you growing in your relationship with God?  What steps do you need to take in order to deepen your love for God?  A starting point may be to take a class that will help you better understand the essential truths of the Bible and help you apply those truths to your life. 

Our Essential Growth classes are designed to equip and encourage you in your journey with God. Essential growth Classes teach lasting principles that will assist you in continually growing and developing as a believer in Jesus Christ. 


Membership Class

Next Class - March 3 • 6:30 - 830pm • Room SCC-3

Is membership at Shiloh your next step in your journey with God? If you would like to officially be a part of Shiloh through membership, this 1-evening class, along with sharing your personal testimony, is the step to take. This evening session will further your understanding of us as a church, and how you play a vital role in how we serve the Lord together. 

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First Steps Class

Next Class - March 1, 2020 • 9:00am • Room SCC-3

If you are new to Shiloh, we want to invite you to take your First Steps here by learning who we are, who Jesus is, and who you are. We have developed a 3-week class to help you learn more about us, what we believe, and where you fit into this community. Jump into this class to be connected here at Shiloh. Stop by an information center in the back of the worship enter or in the foyer for more information on this class series, or register through our church website. 

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Applied Theology - Sin and Addiction

Next Class - March 1, 2020 • 9:00am • SCC-1

This eight-week class will seek to answer the question: How does a biblical understanding of sin and the constitution of man aid in our understanding of addiction? The course will explore a systematic theology on the constitution of man and sin followed by an explanation of current science of addiction and discussion on how we can apply biblical theology to a current social issue affecting tens of thousands of people such as addiction. Participants will be provided with weekly readings and in-depth outlines for continued study and discussion.

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(Financial Growth classes below) 

financial Growth classes

One-on-One Budget Coaching with Steve Brooks

Do you struggle with creating a budget? Register to let Steve know you are interested in One-on-One Coaching and he will get back to you to schedule an appointment. For more information contact Steve Brooks at

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