Egg Your Neighbor

This year, we’d LOVE to help you create some Easter fun with your family … by Egging a friend or neighbor’s house, and inviting them to our Easter Services! … hold on … it’s not the egging you’re thinking! 


We know there are friends and families that you might want to bless this year with some fun so we’ve created these Egg Kits for you to take and share.

Scroll down to see instructions on how it works!

NOTE: There are no kits left, but you can make your own. See below for instructions.

How to egg your neighbors house

We have given out all of our kits, but you can make your own!
  1. Make Your Kit. Buy plastic eggs, candy, and a gift bag or easter basket/bucket
  2. Fill the eggs with your favorite candies!
  3. Choose a family you’d like to egg this year. (It’s a great idea to see who your kids might like to egg too!)
  4. Have fun with it! Plan to spend some time and head over to that family’s house to hide the filled-eggs and don't forget to leave the bag or easter basket/bucket at their front door. You can even put our Easter Invite Card inside - you can get these at Shiloh on Sunday. Later, you can text them and let them know that it was your family that egged their house! (otherwise they might think the Easter Bunny got confused)
  5. Check back in with them! Make sure they found all of their eggs – and you can even invite them to join you on Easter Sunday.

Happy egging! Aren’t you eggs-cited?!