Essential Growth Classes

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Are you growing in your relationship with God? What steps do you need to take in order to deepen your love for God?


A starting point may be to take a class that will help you better understand the essential truths of the Bible and help you apply those truths to your life. Essential Growth Classes teach principles that will assist you in knowing how to grow and develop as a believer in Jesus Christ.


Our Essential Growth classes are designed to equip and encourage you in your journey with God. Essential Growth Classes teach lasting principles that will assist you in continually growing and developing as a believer in Jesus Christ.

Contact Pastor Kevin in the church office for more information or register by clicking the link below.


Becoming a Contagious Christian - TBD

This class will give practical resources in helping you have confidence to live and share your faith in your work-place and with the people you interact with. 

Touch Point Lunch - TBD

Are you new to the church and would like to get to know our Pastors and Elders in a more casual environment? This time is designated for those who have been attending Shiloh for a short time (6 months or less). The meal is free, but the time together is priceless. Please RSVP by clicking the sign up link below.

Membership Class - Tuesday, November 28; 6:30-8:00pm; Room SCC-1

Is the "next step" in your journey with God joining the church in membership? Our Membership Class is a required step for those who are considering membership here at Shiloh. To register, please complete the form below. Take this next step with us as we fulfill God's mission for the Church. 

For more information about church membership, click here

Upcoming dates for these and other classes will be coming soon!